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Learn Sanskrit on the Net[सम्पादन]

Books[सम्पादन] - has a bunch of Sanskrit books scanned. While some links might not work, a lot of them do.

Million Books project - Sanskrit Books

Scanned Books (Look for full view books):

Buy Sanskrit Books on Amazon:[सम्पादन]

This website has a lot of really nice audio and video lessons, and a lot of really nice lessons, Sanskrit Songs sang in mp3 format

They also publish sanskrit booklets online called Surbharati which has nice basic lessons etc.[सम्पादन]

They have a lot of step by step tutorials online, most of them in very easy to understand format:

Also, they have some nice stories etc. within the monthly lessons.[सम्पादन]

One of the best sites for Sanskrit documents and resources. Definitely visit this. This website contains tons of links. Look for dictionary for a sanskrit dictionary, also look for learning tools which contains links to numerous online resources. This is a very good repository. Also contains all sorts of Sanskrit texts (scriptures):


spoken sanskrit

General Backgroung about Sanskrit[सम्पादन]

Sanskrit WikiSource:

Read More about Sanskrit:


These blogs are very useful in learning Sanskrit.

Very Useful Links[सम्पादन] - Contains Bhagawad Gita in various translations (as well as original Sanskrit text). Also contains various commentaries, in English, Hindi and well as in Sanskrit. Sanskrit Commentaries are great as reading material for Sanskrit. Also contains Adi Shankraacharya's commentary in Sanskrit as well as its translations in Hindi and English. - Lots of Sanskrit texts in spoken format. Great for getting familiarity with pronunciation etc. - All the purana's etc. in electronic format. - Lots of Sanskrit Texts (some with translations etc.) - Dictionary - Monnier William's Entire Sanskrit Dictionary. This is the biggest dictionary for Sanskrit available right now. If you get fairly good with using it, it will prove very useful. - Learning Tools section on Sanskrit Documents website - Online Sanskrit Magazine started by students in USA - Another dictionary - Sanskrit Documents (specially story of Savitri and also story of Nala) - Sanskrit Links - Sanskrit Bharti's online newsletter