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A group photo with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) students at Hyderabad after a one-day workshop on editing Wikipedia in Indian languages. The event took place on 24 August 2013. It was attended by young participants who formed a small but proactive group of students who eagerly tried to register their first edits in five different Indian language wikipedias - Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada

Hello. My name is Muzammil. I am mainly active on Hindi-Urdu and English Wikipedias besides Wikimedia Commons. I also write blog posts for Wikimedia Foundation interviewing various communities, profiling leading Wikimedians, reporting events, etc.

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Publications /Presentations on Wikipedia

Wikimedia Foundation Blogs and Global Community Interviews

Blog details Date of Posting WMF Blog
Wikipedian Valdis Pīrāgs on the growth of Latvian Wikipedia October 26, 2020
Interview with Basque Wikipedian User:Gartxoak (Mikel F. Arroiabe) September 11, 2020
Remembering Muid Latif, Project Lead for Creative Commons Malaysia August 3, 2020
How playwright, professor, and Wikimedian Aziz Kingrani contributes his expertise in preserving Sindhi heritage to the Wikimedia movement December 19, 2019
An interview with Muhammad Ameen Akbar from Urdu Wikipedia October 28, 2019
The more you contribute to Wikipedia, the more knowledge you gain: Ted Yoo (#1 Korean Wikipedian) June 04, 2018
Bringing Myanmar to the world: Kyi Phyo Htet (#1 Burmese Wikipedian) February 15, 2018
Remembering veteran English Wikipedian John Cameron Deas who passed away last year December 22, 2017
Applying for a Wikimania scholarship next year? Here are some tips from the committee that oversees them October 20, 2017
A ‘couple’ of Telugu-language Wikimedians: T Sujatha and Sri Ramamurthy (Telugu Wikipedians from Chennai) August 31, 2017
“India is of crucial importance”: An interview with Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia) May 24, 2017
Sharing Indian culture with the world through Wikipedia: Ashish Bhatnagar (#1 Hindi Wikipedian) April 12, 2017
“I knew that once I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop writing”: Başak Tosun (Turkish Wikipedian) January 23, 2017
Remembering Deceased Wikipedian: Remembering Khalid Mahmood (#1 Western Punjabi Wikipedian) October 31, 2016
“Building a free and really ‘neutral’ encyclopedia”: Özkan Poyraz (Turkish Wikipedian) August 8, 2016
Seeing great potential in the Sindhi Wikipedia: Mehtab Ahmed (Sindhi Wikipedian) June 18, 2016
Team effort in developing the Khowar Wikipedia May 27, 2016
Interview of leading Esperanto Wikipedian Dietrich Michael Weidmann May 2, 2016
A Cross-continent Wikipedian (Urdu Wikipedian from Czech Republic) April 4, 2016
Tireless and dedicated: Justin Knapp (English Wikipedian) March 14, 2016
Looking at Wikidata and the future: Gerard Meijssen (Wikidata) February 8, 2016
Community digest: Urdu Wikipedia reaches 100,000 articles (Urdu Wikipedia Community Blog) January 21, 2016
Community Digest—Marc Venot and the potential of a new pivot language for Europe (#1 Ido Wikipedian) November 17, 2015
Doteli Wikipedia makes significant progress (Doteli Wikipedia Community Blog) November 4, 2015
Indic projects depend on each other: Ahmed Nisar October 12, 2015
“Be bold, be patient and be kind”: Richard Farmbrough (English Wikipedian) (English Wikipedian) September 11, 2015
“My community’s goals drive me”: Tahir Mahmood (#1 Urdu Wikipedian) June 28, 2015
Hindi Wiki Sammelan (Conference): Bringing together dispersed Wikipedians, (also available Hindi version). (Hindi Wikipedia Community Blog) March 3, 2015
WMF-India Community Consultation 2014 (coauthored with Asaf Bartov) November 13, 2014
A Focused Approach for Maithili Wikipedia (Maithili Wikipedia Community Blog) September 8, 2014
Two shades of Wikipedia in Punjabi (Eastern & Western Wikipedia Community Blog) August 8, 2014
A Survey of Esperanto Wikipedians July 10,2014
Wikipedia for Schools Project June 20, 2014
Samskrita Bharati and Sanskrit Wikipedia: The journey ahead (Sanskrit Wikipedia Community Blog) June 9, 2014
Wikimedia Projects in Urdu: Unleashing the Latent Potential (Urdu Wikipedia Community Blog) May 15, 2014

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  • On advocating internet freedom, Muzammil writes: "Although I am all for it, I gave it a lower priority because of the political overtone and the fear that pushing it too much may jeopardize core Wikipedia objectives in some geographic locations."
  • On forbidding paid editing, Muzammil writes: "we should stop paid editing for promotion or those edits which forward some agenda – ideological or political." James: "The WMF has forbidden non-disclosed paid editing. It should now help enforce this. Not all types of paid editing should be banned." He also points to the relevance of engineering to improve editor experience to attracting and retaining female editors and those in the global south.

From Signpost, May 13, 2015.


From Year: 2011 Week: 38 Number: 128 BIS, an independent internal news bulletin for the members of the Wikimedia community.


...Syed Muzammiluddin has also mentioned other Turkish words in Urdu in his article (March 16, 2006).

From Influence of Turkish on Urdu, Dawn.

New World Encyclopedia

..."His chief contribution," says Muzammiluddin "was that his Government enhanced popular faith in democracy."

From Morarji Desai#Legacy, New World Encyclopedia.