सहायता:संदर्भ उपकरण

विकिपुस्तक से
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ

इस पृष्ठ पर कुछ उपकरणों की सूची दी गई है जो विभिन्न विकि परियोजनाओं पर संदर्भ देने में आपके सहायक हो सकते हैं। इसकी सहायता से आप सीमित सूचना और कम प्रयास से भी बेहतर संदर्भ दे सकते हैं।



संदर्भ उपकरण[सम्पादन]

संदर्भ चिह्न तथा संदर्भ सांचे हाथों से या किसी उपकरण की सहायता से जोड़े जा सकते हैं।

  • Citation expander automatically adds missing data to citations using citation templates, and makes corrections to their formatting
  • ProveIt provides a graphical interface for editing, adding, and citing references. It may be enabled per the documentation
  • RefToolbar is part of the editing tool bar
  • SnipManager adds a ribbon interface to add citations
  • User:Zhaofeng Li/reFill
  • wikEd

सदस्य लिपियां[सम्पादन]

  • Folded references collapses the references of a page
  • Footnote popups Displays a small popup box of a footnote when you hover the cursor above a footnote link
  • HarvErrors shows errors when using Harvard templates
  • ListrefErrors shows errors when using {{listref}}
  • PleaseStand/References segregator places references into a separate edit box
  • Reference exporter
  • Reference Organizer presents all references in graphical user interface, where you can choose whether the references should be defined in the body of article or in the reference list template(s) (list-defined format). You can also sort the references in various ways (and optionally keep the sort order), and rename the references.
  • RefTooltip sets the tooltip for references to the text of the reference.
  • ReviewSourceCheck (different versions for different preferences) flags 16 types of errors in the references and/or notes, when using Harv templates.
  • Sources Formats names of newspapers within citation templates
  • User:Anomie/ajaxpreview.js adds a preview button that will show references when editing a section
  • User:BrandonXLF/Autoref replaces the reference button in the editing toolbar in the 2010 wikitext editor with a button that allows the use of Citoid to insert an auto generated reference
  • User:BrandonXLF/Citoid generates a reference using the Citoid server. Designed for being used inside user scripts.
  • user:js/ajaxPreview adds a preview button that will show references when editing a section
  • User:Salix alba/Citoid Generates citation templates using the Citoid server. Standalone javascript which can be used outside of Visual Editor.