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Use, Limitations, Parameters and Options[सम्पादन]


The template has one parameter: Content; unformatted text for the box. The default state produces a pale blue band across the page for a centered Courier text entry; it is useful to emphasise a single code line. It also works in wrapped text, unlike a div template.

The code to call the template into use is just:

{{blockwrap|The code line to display goes here...}}

A typical application looks like this:

text here...

[[image:Gerbera_pink.jpg|200px|left|border]] is the image line.

More text here...

Notice that the box displays correctly in the wrapped text, unlike the page-wide, div-based version, block.


It is not possible for the parameter text to start with a wikitext heading, (==Heading==); use the HTML form instead, (<h2>Heading</h2>.

A Wikitext table will not render at all well. Use an HTML table instead and avoid having the table at the start of the parameter.

At times which are not yet clarified, using the named parameter form, (1= The parameter text...), works well when the unnamed equivalent,(The parameter text...) does not.


background color, pale blue
font color, black
font family or face, Courier
font size, 10pt
text alignment, center
line height, 1.4em

The defaults produce a pale blue band in the page for a centered text entry.