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{{Book search
| float=
| class=
| style=
| px=
| image=
| type=
  • float: left|center|right (default right
  • class: Additional css classes
  • style: Search box style. The default is simple, but unrecognized styles get rendered as image
    • simple Show only the search box
    • image Add a search icon and grey bounding div
  • px: width (default: 250px)
  • image: search image (default:File:Loupe light.svg)
  • Parameters passed to <inputbox>:
    • type (default: fulltext)
    • buttonlabel (default: "Search this book")
    • searchbuttonlabel (default: "Search this book)
    • break (default:yes)
    • prefix (default: BOOKNAME)
    • width: width of text box in pixels (automatically converted to number of characters) (default:250)
    • placeholder: Define placeholder text that will display in the input box when it is empty (default "")


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{{Book search|style=simple}}
{{Book search|style=image}}

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