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साँचा:Hidden use/विव

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When one or more pages are used in a way that does not automatically show up in the using page's Special:WhatLinkshere, use this template to create invisible links to the used page. This happens, for example, when a template is used on a page as an editintro or preload, or when a category is specified in a dynamic page list.

Specify the names of the used pages as unnamed parameters; if no names are specified, this template generates a very visible error message.

Don't use this template to mark a page dependency in a javascript or Lua page; instead, just provide a comment linking to the page depended upon.

If optional parameter show is non-blank, the links are visible rather than hidden; this may aid in debugging.

Note that {{dialog/button}} automatically creates a hidden link to its target action, without use of this template.


After checking that at least one name was specified, this template delegates via Module:TScope#map to subtemplate {{Hidden use/single}}.

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