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Template code[सम्पादन]

<div style="{{#if:{{{before|}}}|page-break-before:{{{before}}};| }}{{#if:{{{after|}}}|page-break-after:{{{after}}};| }}{{#if:{{{inside|}}}|page-break-inside:{{{inside}}};| }}">

Template usage[सम्पादन]

This template allows to generate page breaks for printing as described in http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/page.html#page-breaks
The template requires a closing </div> or {{Page-break/end}} (which is the same but results in a cleaner syntax)

Warning: Apparently not all browsers or renderers implement all page break features or implement them correctly.

The template has three parameters: before, after and inside.
The before and after parameters accept the values "auto | always | avoid | left | right | inherit".
The inside parameter accepts only the values "avoid | auto | inherit"