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साँचा:Shelf:Allbooks category

विकिपुस्तक से


Use this template on the allbooks category page of a shelf in the विकिपुस्तक स्टैक; everything on the allbooks category page other than the template call should be noincluded.

An allbooks category is associated with a shelf category, श्रेणी:अलमारी:shelf, and is automatically populated with all books that belong to either अलमारी:shelf or any descendant subshelf of that shelf. The name of the allbooks category is formed by appending suffix "/सभी पुस्तकें" to the name of the shelf category, thus श्रेणी:अलमारी:shelf/सभी पुस्तकें.

This template, when performing its full function, checks to make sure various associated pages are set up correctly, and generates the appropriate content for the allbooks category page. If unnamed parameter 1 is non-blank, or the template is called from a non-category page, or the transcluding page does not have prefix अलमारी: अथवा Shelf:, the template returns the pagename of the template itself, साँचा:Shelf:Allbooks category.

If this template finds a problem with associated pages, it displays a notice explaining the problem and suggesting how to fix it, with buttons to perform likely remedial actions.


This template itself determines which sort of information request is being made, and either provides information directly, or delegates the display function to {{साँचा:Shelf:Allbooks category/display}}.

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