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विकिपुस्तक से

This template checks the status of an expected parent of a shelf, which may be a department or another shelf.


Place this template on a page that expects the parent to exist. This template expects one parameter, as of this writing:

  • 1 — required — the name of the parent, without the Shelf: or Department: prefix.


If any error is detected, this template generates a text message and adds the current page to श्रेणी:पुस्तक:विकिपुस्तक स्टैक/Attention needed.

If the parent exists as a department but is not centrally listed, that's a problem that may require an admin and may be quite complicated, so this template does not provide any remedial button. A department page is also tested via {{Department:Page?}} for proper set-up, and a button may be provided to repair it via ordinary editing of the wikipage. Otherwise, this template provides a button to create the parent as a shelf via ordinary editing of a wikipage. A contemplated upgrade would detect availability of dialog and replace the editing button(s) with buttons for dialog-based assistance.

It may be appropriate for this template to either mimic, or incorporate logic from, {{Shelf:Get parent prefix}}.

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