साँचा:Simple chapter navigation

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This template creates a simple navigation bar, to be placed at the bottom of a book chapter page, that provides link to the previous and next chapters. It also puts the chapter in the book category and orders it appropriately. This template will only function properly if the book follows the Wikibooks naming policy.

साँचे के पैरामीटर्स[साँचा डेटा सम्पादित करें]

Previous chapterprevious

This should be the name of the previous chapter.

Next chapternext

This should be the name of the next chapter.

No categorizationnocat

This parameter should have a value (any) if the page should not be put in the book template. Otherwise, it should be omitted.



The codes below give the following results and add the appropriate book category:

{{simple chapter navigation|previous=Previous chapter|next=Next chapter}}

{{simple chapter navigation
|previous=Previous chapter
|next=Next chapter