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{{TOC left}} forces the auto-generated "Table of Contents" for a page to appear in a table that is floated to the left side of the page (as seen left), in order to improve page layout.


Insert {{TOCleft}} at the point in the page where you want the top of the Table of Contents box to appear. Use with {{-}} or {{clear}} to prevent image collisions.


Do not place this template so that the TOC aligns with a large image or infobox; this breaks the layout on narrow screens (even users with screens as wide as 1024px wide can have problems). Also, a TOC that crosses a section division is probably a poor idea, if that can be avoided.

Unless the section in which the {{TOC left}} is placed is long enough, the result may well be undesirable.

It should only be used in cases where the TOC gets in the way of other content or is detrimental to the layout of the page. See Help:Editing#Floating the TOC for further guidelines.

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